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RNM Tech Consulting is at the forefront of innovation and excellence in project management. As a certified SDVOB, our mission is to surpass industry standards, providing comprehensive solutions in concept and program development, low voltage systems, and large-scale project management.

Service Offerings

Unlocking Potential at Every Stage

Design Review

Meticulously confirming specifications and drawings for various systems, from telecommunication infrastructure to airport-centric solutions.

Integrated Systems
Coordination Solutions

Streamlining and enhancing coordination across IT, mechanical, electrical, security, baggage handling, WiFi, cellular DAS, and radio systems.

Procurement Assistance

Guiding owners and construction managers through vendor selection, negotiation, and contract management for seamless acquisitions.

Subject Matter Expert

Providing invaluable technical support, acting as a liaison between field teams, engineers, and owners.

Testing and Acceptance

Leading phased system acceptance and certification, coordinating with stakeholders, reviewing testing procedures, and ensuring smooth trade closeout.

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Join us on a journey where innovation meets reliability, and success is built on a foundation of unparalleled expertise.